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What We Do

Site Safety Inspections and Audits

At BuildSafe we work in a team environment with our clients, tailoring our services to the exact needs of the client. Our services can be very useful to owners, directors, project managers and site supervisors to fill in the gaps in your safety program. Initially we will meet with the client to determine what the clients needs are. 

Once we have had a chance to review, we will make recommendations on how to set out a program to achieve a safe workplace, or the areas that need to be strengthened. Our main focus is to reduce construction accidents and assist employers achieve due diligence. Please click the category headings below to jump to the specific pages.

What We Offer

BuildSafe Services Include

Online & In-Person Training

We provide workers and management with knowledge, training and guidance. We emphasize a systematic approach to learning methods, safe work procedures, hazard identification, control methods and documentation. Ultimately, our mission is to help you achieve the highest level of jobsite safety and proof of due diligence.


We offer site inspections to allow owners, directors; project managers and site supervisors to determine which areas on site require improvement. Whether your company works on; Industrial, Commercial or Residential projects we have the experience to help you ensure a safe job site. In our experience we have found the same class of hazards exist on all different types of job sites.

Health & Safety
Policies and

In order to prepare a Health and Safety Policy and Program, we would meet to discuss the exact type of work your company performs in order to establish the parts of a program that would be applicable to your individual organization.

Health & Safety Committee Meeting Facilitation

Under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, employers are required to ‘Prepare and review at least annually a written occupational health and safety policy and develop and maintain a program to implement that policy.’ 
(Act, Sec 25.2.J)

In-Person Training
Service Area

From our office in Cambridge Ontario, we offer services in all of Southern Ontario as shown on the map: from Windsor in the west, north to Owen Sound over to Orillia and east to Peterborough & Coburg. If you’re interested in contracting our services, yet unsure if you’re located within our territory, please contact us for clarification.

Not in our area? Check out our online training.

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