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The Cold Has Arrived

Just a reminder to check your propane certifications and make sure they’re still valid. If they’re not, we can help!

Any worker who handles propane cylinders or connects and activates propane equipment on a construction site requires training. This course covers the properties and hazards of propane, propane safety features as well as proper PPE and activation of equipment. This course is approved by TSSA. CH-02 LP

Course Outline:

Connection & Use of Construction Heaters Up To 400,000 BTU

  • Activating, Connecting and Disconnecting Propane Heaters up to 400,000 BTU (British Thermal Units) from Piping, Tubing or a Propane Cylinder.

Connection & Use of Propane Torches

  • This program educates participants on propane cylinders, how to use torches and regulators and regulating pressure from propane tanks to heaters.

Propane Cylinder Handling & Exchange

  • Participants gain an understanding of the various types and sizes of propane cylinders; receiving and storage of cylinders at the construction site; transporting cylinders around the construction site; and regulatory requirements of cylinder use.
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