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Quick Cut Saw Operator Safety – May 23, 2023

Quick Cut Saw

Event Date:

May 23, 2023

Event Time:

11:00 am

Event Location:

103-181 Groh Ave, Cambridge, ON

Quick Cut Saw Operator Safety


Who can take the Quick Cut Saw Operator Safety course?


This course is designed to educate participants on the use of quick cut saws to ensure safe and proficient operating practices. Through training and skill development quick cut saw operators will become more knowledgeable on the safety of handling the saws. As a result participants will feel confident they have the ability to safely and proficient operate the machinery.

We also offer a Chainsaw Operator Safety training course. Click on link highlighted for more details.


Overview of the Quick Cut Saw Operator Safety course:


In this course participants will go through a theory, short test as well as practical portion. List below are some of topics that will be discussed in the course.


Topics covered:

  • Components of the saw such as abrasive discs and wheels, possible cart, funnel with strainer, fuel container, fine-tipped flat head screwdriver, spare parts and emergency equipment
  • Understanding the proper PPE required while operating a saw
  • Work area preparation
  • Understanding how to do a proper inspection and care of the saw
  • Proper starting and handling
  • Proper grip and stance
  • Understanding reactive forces and kickbacks as well as
  • Proper storing of the saw

PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) Requirements: Steel toed boots, gloves and hard hat as a minimum. Furthermore any additional PPE will be as per job site requirements.



In conclusion, the education this training provides to workers and employers will provide them with a better understanding of the quick cut saw. As a result, this knowledge will provide for a safer workplace.



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Cancellation Policy

A minimum of 48 hours cancellation notice is required  and no refunds will be given or if not prepaid you will be invoiced for the seats.  For Example:  If you have a booking for a Thursday class, cancellation must be before 8am Tuesday Morning.


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Phone: (519) 220-1918


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Event Location:

  • 103-181 Groh Ave, Cambridge, ON

Date & Time

  • May 23, 2023 11:00 am   -   2:00 pm
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